Enjoy the snow in Hokkaido!
Photogenic snow activities in a rural town with few tourists

- Info -

Program Yakumo Snow Activity (2day)
Price 20,000yen (tax excluded)
Holding time 1 night 2 days between January and April
Place Hokkaido Yakumo town

  • Around the best snow scene for photos. (sea, mountains, rivers, shrines, Japanese gardens, etc.)
  • Selectable snow activities:
    snowmobile or snowshoe experience
  • starry sky observation
  • Steller's sea eagle and white eagle watching
  • Lunch for two days
  • Transportation in Yakumo is free.
  • Lodging

  • Transfer from outside the city
  • Meals

Clothing Warm clothing such as ski wear
Attention We advertise at the request of Yakumo Village. We do not make an actual contract,
so please apply from the following inquiry column.

- Basic Program -

Find the perfect shooting spot !

Surrounded by two seas, Yakumo has many spots where you can experience nature and unique culture.
The winter is covered with beautiful snow scenery,
making it a great spot to take a picture.
You can play in the snowy mountains and take pictures with birch trees. You can also take wonderful photos at the Yakumo Shrine and Japanese garden in winter.
At night, you will be guided to a beautiful starry sky viewed from a special place covered with snow.


12:00 Meet at Yakumo Station
& Lunch
13:30 Around the best snow scene for photos
17:00 Check-in
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Stargazing
21:00 End of Day1

Enjoy snow activity !

On the second day, you can see the white-tailed eagle,
a very rare Japanese natural monument, deep in the snowy mountains.
The scenery where the beautiful river and the snowy mountain spread in front of your eyes is perfect for photography.
Afterwards, enjoy more snow with special snow activities.
Snowmobiles can run on the snow at high speed!
Snowshoeing allows you to explore by walking on the snow in the forest.
Take the best photogenic snow photos in Yakumo.


07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Go eagle watching
10:00 Snow Activity: Snowmobile or Snowshoe
12:00 Lunch
13:30 End of the Program